Uses Benefits and Properties of Onion

Benefits and Properties of Onion

Onion is a fairly common food in most cultures and maybe that’s why we don’t value its properties and its nutrient intake so much.

What is The onion

Onions are native to Southeast Asia and were already grown in ancient Egypt.

It is very versatile since we can prepare it in a thousand different ways and combine with almost everything.
It gives us a great variety of minerals and vitamins that make its consumption very advisable since it helps to take care of our health.

There are many properties of onion, especially if consumed raw since most of its therapeutic properties are in volatile substances that are what make us cry when we cut them.
Those who do not tolerate raw onion can dress it with olive oil (it bites less) or eat little but more often or take it lightly cooked.

Benefits and Properties of Onion

These are some of the benefits and properties of onion that do not lack in our diet:

  • It has a great alkalizing effect on our body which helps to remineralize and eliminate toxins more easily.
  • Onion is a good diuretic and is therefore very well advised when there are edema, swelling or any problem of the urinary tract.
  • Men should take advantage that also benefits the prostate.
  • Helping in rheumatism favoring the elimination of uric acid is one of the properties of onion.
  • Its richness in Sulfur and other sulfur compounds make it especially suitable for strengthening hair and maintaining healthier skin.
  • These same sulfur compounds and their flavoring also give it great bactericidal power and is thus a great natural disinfectant. In cases of typhus, flu, dysentery, colds and other infections it will always be helpful to drink a lot of onion.
  • Our nervous system will also benefit from the phosphorus and sulfur content of the onion. Therefore it is recommended to take a lot of onion to people with depression, nervous exhaustion or insomnia.
  • Our arteries “love” the onion because thanks to its minerals it favors its elasticity and also keeps them clean of fats such as cholesterol. It is for this reason very indicated in any cardiovascular problem as well as in hypertension.
  • Asthmatics should take onion every day since its effects on this disease are very well documented. And the onion, thanks to its richness in Thiosulphinates, relieves the constriction of the bronchi.
  • It is also very rich in Quercetin that also relieves allergies (which are another factor that complicates asthma). As if that were not enough, we have previously commented on its great bactericidal power that will help asthmatics cope with respiratory infections that are often complicated and end up in an asthmatic crisis.

External use of onion


We can use onion juice to take care of skin and hair, let’s see in which problems we can take advantage of its benefits and properties:

  • Having antibacterial properties we can use it to treat our skin if we have acne problems, we will squeeze an onion and with a cotton pad we will apply on the area to be treated.
  • We can use onion juice as a hair lotion with which to fight dandruff and prevent hair loss.
  • We can also apply on the area affected by insect bites since it is a magnificent disinfectant.
  • If we have chilblains scrubbing an onions over the area it will calm the itching.

Nutritional information of onion (per 100 g)

  • 1.3 g of fiber.
  • 23 Calories
  • 0.9 Protein
  • 140 m. Potassium
  • 31 mg of calcium
  • 32 mg of phosphorus
  • 25 mg of Vitamin C.
  • Very rich in sulfur.

Did you know that onion …?

Between layers of onion there is a kind of very fine cloth. If we apply it on a wound it heals faster and the risk of infection is reduced.

Another very effective traditional use is to cut a large onion in half and leave it on our bedside table next to our bed when we have colds, shortness of breath or a lot of cough.

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